Aksion Plus

Aksion Plus in conferenceAksion Plus organization is founded in 1992 by a group of students, doctors. The aim of the organization is to stop the spread of HIV/AIDS through education of youth and by raising the awareness of general population. Also we target vulnerable groups such as: drug users, sex workers.
Aksion Plus organized the first national conference on HIV/AIDS in 1992.
In 2000 Aksion Plus opened the first Harm Reduction for drug users in Tirana – supported by Soros. In 2005, Aksion Plus established the Methadone Treatment for injecting drug users. This intervention is extended to drug users in prison.

Areas of our activities

Prevention-education-communication from social workers and psychologists to youngsters in high school
Service and treatment for vulnerable groups – implementing harm reduction program, prevention of HIV/AIDS/STIs among the injecting drug users.
Capacity building and advocacy. Our trainers are delivering training sessions to various groups: students, volunteers, teachers, police, parents, health practitioners and to other NGOs.

Publication, research Aksion Plus is specialized in producing Training Modules, Guidelines, posters, brochures, leaflets, newsletters and other informing materials.

For more information about Aksion Plus and our latest activities please visit:
www.aksionplus.net or find us on Facebook